Saturday, October 6, 2012

My name is Summer and I love Faux Bamboo

I have a strange obsession for faux bamboo. There is no help out there for this rare I scour Craigslist and FB groups looking for any signs of faux bamboo pieces. I did take a little bit of a break after my last purchase which I wrote about here (which I just realized was almost two years ago...oh my). When I found that dresser I made the Hubs and a friend drive far far away to the ghetto, risking their lives to pick up the goods. I can tell you I may have even dreamed about that dresser. It haunted me! I saw it redone like this(below) and was like wow...I need one of those and so it began.
Once I got it home though..I could not decide if I wanted to paint it. It had this light yellowish vintage color that kind of grew on me. I also found some nightstands for my master bedroom on Craigslist that were another score(not faux bamboo)!!! They had the most amazing handle pulls(another obsession) and really great legs! I painted those white, ...come take a look here. Anyways, after painting those white I thought my dresser would look amazing a glossy white??? But...I really like this dark grey. I was also undecided on the colors for my master so that was an issue as well. I knew I wanted grey, white and gold...but the pop of color was scaring me. I thought yellow..but that might compete with the gold. Then I thought navy..then turquoise or even coral(hubs wouldn't like that though). So, for now it remains in it's natural vintage 70's yellow.

Guess what??? I was added to a group on  Facebook (thank you Mrs. Degrado) called Everything but the Kitchen Sink. it. And what did I find??? My matching nightstands, mirror and a dresser(not a highboy like above, but a lower...longer one). And for how much you ask??? 100 smackeroos for all 4 pieces!!! Oh happy day!!!! And this time they were located in riverside. So, I only have the two nightstands because that is all we could fit in our car. But soon I will be united with my dresser and mirror..I coming for you I promise!!!! I decided to use the nightstands as some desperately needed storage at the foot of our bed. I am just going to place them side by side. I painted these a lovely "Granite" grey by Rust-Oleum. I did sand them first as they have a laminate top and some of the paint was peeling. They turned out gorgeous. I can not wait to put them into our room. I will wait though because last time I spray painted my other nightstands I was impatient and put them in our room way to early and the smell of spray paint nearly killed us all!!!! So...whata think??? I am in love.....
Before...not bad but could use some sprucing up

Primed...looks good in white too:)

Finished! Love this Granite color. Once I get a few more items for my master I will do the big reveal!