Thursday, September 13, 2012


This week was a week of firsts in our household. Shane had his first dentist appointment on Monday. He did really well! I love the dentist so I told him all about how great it was and I didn't even have to tell a white lie. I really do love the dentist..probably because I had a great dentist for my first I was really hoping Shane did too. He got to pick a few dinosaurs from the treasure chest at the end so it was all good:). Daddy took him as I had to work....unfortunately he had two cavities!!! That was what I suspected and the reason for taking him. If I can give some advice...get your young ones in to see the dentist before the age of 3. I don't know how long he had the cavities but I noticed some discoloration and took him right in. I am really aware of people's teeth. I love teeth! I know total weirdo. I thought I was doing everything right as far as dental hygiene goes. In reality I was soooo not. I did not add him to my dental insurance this year. There was so many different opinions on when you should take your child for the first time. Most said not until 5 or even 6-7!!! Others said as soon as they get teeth. I was going to add him on next year...but if you have the chance I would do it at age 3 or really even 2. I also think that kid's toothpaste is a joke. I am going to switch him to the next level...the one that they can't swallow. I realized he should have already been using the other one as the tube of the one that is safe to swallow is up to 24 months....mama fail!!! Also, need to floss more and brush more. So, this talk about oral hygiene has gone on far too long... I am sure I lost some of you a few sentences ago..but  the bottom line is...I thought I was doing something well and I was not. Now makes me think of other areas I am failing in...Oye! This mother thing is soooo hard!

Ok, so next first! Shane started Preschool on Tuesday! He absolutely loves it. Now these are all firsts for Shane, but also are firsts for mama and daddy. We really tried to hold ourselves together for the first day. It is ok for a 3 year old to cry but not so much for 30 somethings! Although almost all the parents had tears in their eyes:(. We walked in to his classroom totally expecting to be there for awhile. We observed all the new sights...the kids and parents...the teacher(whom of which has already scolded me twice...story to come later). We were settling in when Shane asks us, "Are you staying here with me"? Daddy tells him "We will have to leave today, but  we will stay until you are comfortable". Shane then proceeds to tell us he is comfortable and that we may leave now. What??? Who are you??? My shy little one...who doesn't know a soul just told us to leave!!??!! Well then..ok daddy lets go. We kind of looked at each"is this ok?...are you ready??? NO..No I am NOT ready..but this is great for Shane and we need to be adults and leave. So we told him good bye and he proceeded to find something and someone to play with. We of course stood outside and spied on him like any normal parent would. And just like that..he was a Preschooler. He ran to the door when daddy was ready to take him today for his second day. It was such a relief to have him be so confident and ready for school. It really helped us too...we didn't have a meltdown...because Shane was strong and we needed to be too:).

Now, to the story about the teacher scolding me...twice. Scott and I have a bit of a problem with authority. I know that is not good...we have worked on it and are getting better. Scott is really good with it now actually... it is me that really struggles. You see I HATE it when someone tells me what to do! Like I could totally want to do something and am on my way to do something and then someone tells me to do exactly what I was going to do and I break down. I get major attitude and immediately do not like that person. It is a horrible quality I know...but I am keeping it real here on Flour Power...mmmkay??!!! So, there are these "disaster kits" we had to fill up in case of an emergency. You know the ones that we never used as kids...the ones we always get back at the end of the year and eat whatever is still edible. The ones that have really nasty food and are like "thanks Mom for the package of orange crackers and fake cheese". I guess if there was a disaster that would be cool...but really we all know we are not going to use them. But, I got to thinking that it is 2012 and maybe the end of the world so there is a chance he would need it...just kidding!!! As the years go by there is a more probable chance that our kids may actually need anyways... I hand our kit in at the Open soon as I hand it to the teacher she (very loudly) announces to me that my disaster kit is subpar and will not do. Ok whatever lady...did you see the beef jerky and gatorade??? is about quality not quantity. Those other kids are totally going to be jealous of Shane's disaster kit. She hands it back and I walk back defeated as she mentions to me there needs to be enough for 2-3 days. I mumble "that was enough for 2-3 days..Shane's a light eater". Scott laughs at me and tells me that within only minutes I have already been scolded by the teacher. Teacher's think they know everything like they are in charge or they do this every year...whatever!!!!

So, I went to Target and totally got way too much and packed it so full that I could barely close the ziplock. Yep, real adult like:). So, then scolding #2 came when I was picking Shane up on the first day. I was all excited. He was sitting in a circle waiting for me. He saw me, we exchanged a big grin and the teacher proceeds to tell me that I signed him in wrong. Oh, excuse me, there were no instructions I was just following what the person before me did. You see I am a rule follower...if there are clear rules I am good. I will follow...but heaven forbid you tell me I did something I will not follow any of your kidding...kinda. Shane is a rule follower too. He loves to please us and everyone around. So, as much as I kid, I think this year will be a  great learning experience for Shane, but also for mama:).