Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I haven't posted in awhile because frankly I have been sooo tired and super busy at work. We have had such a backlog for the past few months. We are finally working normal 40 hour weeks instead of 72 hours!!!! I was so grateful for the work because The Hubs is working a lot but in Real Estate it can take months before you get paid. It was such a blessing...but very exhausting.

Now that I am back to normal I am getting caught up on house work and also starting to craft!
I am hosting a craft party this month. Hopefully we can get together each month and work on a craft together. It is always fun to get the girls together and do something girlie. We are going to be making fabric pumpkins for our first meeting.
I have a few other ideas for the next months as well. I love crafting. I love it so much I am actually I am going to turn the guest/catchall room into a craft room. I know once we have another child I will have to remove it all but that wont be for another year or so. Here are a few inspirations:

I am also getting excited for my Christmas brunch at church. It is my favorite thing to do during the Christmas season. I dream about the Stuffed French Toast my Aunt makes each year. Mmmmm...that reminds me...I need to get that recipe from her. I also decorate and host a table each year. This year I got an early start. I had this idea in my head and could not stop thinking about it. I am crazy..I know. It has evolved from the original idea but it is going to be cute. Can't give away any details but once it comes around I will fill you in...:). Well hopefully I will start working on more projects and be able to post more. With this hot "Fall" weather we are having I haven't felt much motivation to cook any fall recipes. I am getting anxious though. I made a Apple Pie, Pumpkin Cupcakes and a Carrot Cake. Hopefully it will cool down and I can bake some more. I am making Corn Chowder and Gumbo this week no matter how hot it is. Happy Fall Y'All!