Saturday, October 23, 2010

Craigslist Find!

You know when you are looking for a particular item and you finally find it on Craigslist. When you see it your heart races and then you find it for a great deal..and you start to sweat. Your mind starts racing..hoping no one else already called on dream about redoing it and can't sleep at night. one else does that??? Call me crazy but I just happened to be searching for night stands on Craigslist and then I came across a listing for a "Sexy Headboard"lol. It was not the sexy headboard that caught my eye but the dresser that was also pictured.

It was a faux bamboo dresser that I have seen redone and it is amazing. It is from the 70's from the Bali Hai Collection from Henry Link. I tried to rack my brain about where I had seen it online before. I go to so many sites that I knew it might be difficult to find. So I just Googled "faux bamboo dressers" and there it was. I had first seen it on Design*Sponge. They did a feature on High Street Market, who had redone the dresser I just bought. Their dresser was missing some hardware and so they put new gold hardware that is so stunning. I really love the original hardware and it is still in good condition so I am going to leave it. I am however going to spray it a glossy white.

I am redoing my Master Bedroom slowly...but I will post pics as soon as I get this piece painted and then in the room..yay for Craigslist!!!!