Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nautical Lighting

I am not sure if it is my name or living in beautiful Southern California...but I love everything to do with the beach. We recently moved into our new home and it is pretty outdated. The front porch is in serious need of some lovin'. I painted the door..however it is too light, so I am going to redo it a darker grey. I added a few pots and a new door mat. It is starting to spruce up...but it really needs a new light fixture. I came across these adorable nautical light fixtures. I already made a trip to Lowe's where they had one that I sort of liked but nothing that I really had to have. The Hubs was there with me and persuaded me to not purchase it..along with many other items. In the end I am glad he was there to curb my impatienceness, because I am sooo getting for up front and one for my back patio.

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