Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Dream Kitchen

Since my husband and I have been married (almost seven years) we have lived in six different homes/apartments. Moving that much you learn what you like and dislike about a space. My mom recently informed me that there were a few nautical rooms featured in Veranda magazine this month(May-June Issue). I have been toiling with the idea of turning my Living Room into a Nautical "themed" room( I hate themed rooms, but I think I can pull this one off). Anyways on the first few pages I came across my dream kitchen. Everything down to the hardware and ladder was absolutely divine! I have always loved those ladders you see usually in libraries. I first fell in love with them in Beauty and the Beast. Ever since then I have been determined to have one somewhere in my home. Wouldn't that be great in a could use it to reach your cookbooks or appliances you rarely use. I immediately went to the designers website to check out MY kitchen. I even showed it to the Hubs and he approved. Lately I have been on a girly design kick and he has threatened to throw away items I bring in that are too girly! How rude! So when he said it was awesome I was so happy. Not that I can afford this kitchen, but to know that we are on the same track is a feat. So here it is: