Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bridesmaid and Sister Duty

My sister is getting married in August and I (of course) am a bridesmaid. This is actually the first wedding I have ever been a bridesmaid in..can you believe it. None of my high school friends are married yet and all my current friends were already married when I met them (and I am assuming I would have been all of their Maid of Honors). So, I was asked to take on the task of planing and hosting her Engagement Party. I was so excited. You ask me to plan a party and I am all over it. However, the weekend before was my son's 1st bday(post to follow) and I was pooped.

Lately I have been somewhat obsessed with polka dots and since I live with two boys I wouldn't dream of sneaking them in the house(well maybe in the guest bedroom which I soon plan on taking to follow). So I thought, ooohhh, what a great theme black and white polka dots would be. Much to my dismay Party City no longer carried the plates and other items I had once saw. BOO! As I went around the store I did find another theme of roses, champagne glasses, love birds and a few other engagement like doo dads on them. I purchased those along with some coordinating paper lanterns and was all set..not soo excited as I was with the polka dot theme...but none the less they were bought( on clearance).

Oh...I should mention my original thought...Diamonds....everyhwhere. Crystals and tulle cascading down from my patio cover. A mini wedding cake adorned with rows of diamonds. Then I went wedding dress shopping with the sister and came to find she doesn't do sparkles! I know I don't get it...but it is "her" day and so that plan was scratched.

It ended up being an intimate gathering of her family and her fiance's family..along with the wedding party. It never fails at the end of a party I bought and made way too much food...way too many plates and napkins..but you know what I don't mind one bit...and now I can use them all for her next bridal shower..that I was just informed we (Maid of Honor and I) are hosting. Round 2 of 5 I sister loves a party and I love giving them!