Saturday, March 20, 2010

Curse of the Sleepy Mom

Since I joined this wonderful world of motherhood I have noticed something very eerie....every time I try to sleep I am rudely interrupted! It could be a phone call right at the moment my head hits my pillow...the doorbell...or my son decides to take a shorter nap than usual and is ready to get up! Now this also happens when I lay my sleepy little boy down as well...doorbell rings, husband decides to run in and tell me something, someone coughs, I sneeze, plane flies over, dog barks....REALLY??? What is it about a sleeping baby and Mama that makes things go boom? I am convinced that nature, humans and animals sense the sleepy spell and are determined to awake the baby and keep mom from ever taking just one nap.

Now I wonder when does this curse get lifted? Will I ever get to take an uninterrupted nap??? I have noticed the lil guy is getting better at sleeping through anything so that is a great feat. I am hoping that there is a great nap in this mom's near future...zzzzzz