Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year New Adventures

I know every year I am absolutely amazed that yet another year has flown by. But it happened yet again. Still fat...still unhealthy..still...well that is enough said. Tomorrow I am signing up with a new gym and my best friend is joining me..this is my year...getting thin in 2010. Wish me luck..I need it. So I thought somehow my life would slow down with the birth of Shane, but it was just the opposite. I can't believe he will be 9 months in less than two weeks!!!! He has grown so much. Tonight he totally fed himself a bottle. It seems as though he is weaning himself from nursing. This past week has been crazy. We had to move from our house to the In-Laws the day after Christmas. This is a lot for a little one. Shane did great after a few night he is back to sleeping through the night. He has his own room and I really think that makes a difference. Our other house was laid out to where the nursery was at the complete opposite end of the house and in the front. I couldn't handle him being that far. So I had no sleep for about 6 months!!! On Christmas Eve I guess the monitor was not working and he actually was crying my sis-in-law told me. He managed to get himself back to sleep..who knew...ok I knew that but was having a hard time. After one night of 6-8 hours of sleep I have no problem with it anymore.

Also on Christmas Eve he cut his two bottom teeth. That probably helped him sleep better as well. Teething is no fun! Poor guy. A few days ago he learned how to clap and is on the verge of crawling..that he can take his time on. We love every minute we spend with him. Daddy is having so much fun with him as well. It is so special to see them bond. Shane loves his Daddy! Hmmm lets see any more amazing things my child can do??? :) Grandma and Grandpa think he said their names..I have yet to hear it but I don't doubt it..he tries to repeat everything. He will definitely be a talker, just like his Grammy had him on Saturday and he swung with her and learned all sorts of new things. It is awesome to have two sets of grandparents so close by.

Well I better go I am missing valuable sleep time:) Started back to work today after being off for 11 days. It was not such a great vacation since I had to move and an awesome friend of ours passed..RIP Eddie....but it was a vacation none the less. God knew I would need the time off the move. He always provides and watches over me. I am so thankful for that.