Monday, January 18, 2010


He did it. He finally said MAMA! Dada has been his word of choice. But the day before he turned 9 months, yes 9 months!, he said Mama. It is so cute the way he says it. He brings his chin towards his chest before he says it. It melts my heart everytime. I will have to try to get it on video. He is eating a lt more these days. I am trying to wean him off of nursing. We will see how that goes. he actually is weaning himself. He drink the formula from the bottle so well and I feel like he is getting so much more. His sleeping has improved but still not a full night of sleep. Hopefully he will get that MAMA loves to sleep and that it is a great thing. Well I am freezing cold out in the garage on my inlaws computer on this rainy night so I better get back in the warm house. I really want to write more. It not only documents everything Shane does but also brings me joy.