Monday, December 15, 2008

Whoa Mama:My First Pregnancy

So...I was a few days late with "you know what" and as always I bought a pregnancy test just to make sure I wasn't preggo. I had done this several times and Scott was beginning to get a little irritated with me spending money on the things. We probably could have gone to a nice dinner with what these tests cost, but my impatient self could not wait. I would inevitably always get a negative staring back at me and days later Aunt Flow would come to visit. (Sorry to any guys reading this blog..normally I would be disgusted myself..but whoa mama pregnancy seems to change that).
This time I went for the cheaper store brand name. I was determined to stay away from the one with "that" commercial. You know..the "one" where there is a steam of urine shooting from the side of the screen onto the test. Like we really needed to see that. Come on people..what will the children think. Ok, so I followed the instructions...or reenacted the commercial and this one was different. There was a plus/negative window and then there was another window for confirmation you did it right. Well there was something that looked like a plus sign but it wasn't clear. Of course, I should have bought the name brand. Then there would have never been this confusion. Instead of rushing to the store to buy another...I decided to call my doctor and set up a blood test. That way I could be certain. Now this was not the first time I had been in to get my blood taken for a pregnancy test. Every time I was a day late I would run in and then find out it was negative. A few days pass and I see that my doctor's office is calling. I have to say this time I had a feeling. Scott kept asking me if I felt I was pregnant and I would never really answer. I felt I would jinx it somehow:) So, the nurse call and for some reason thought I had already received my results. She says, "As you already know the results are positive and we want to get you set up to see a OBGYN. My eyes widened..I was sooo happy. I told her I actually didn't know and she began to congratulate me. I then got all set up with my information I needed to contact Dr. Marcus, my new doctor, that would handle this new adventure.