Monday, December 15, 2008

We're Having a Baby

The nurse had called me as I mentioned before. It was August 29th, a Friday. That night we were going out with a bunch of friends and would not be home til late. So, as soon as I got off of work I decided to go to the cigar shop and buy a cigar that said..It's a Boy...It's a Girl. I would hand them to Scott and wait for a reaction. I drove all around town to one cigar place after another. Not the funnest thing ever but I was on a mission. No one had just a single cigar with the phrases on them so I decided when I got home that I would just make my own cigar band. I wrapped each cigar I had bought with my labels and tucked them away in a spot that Scott would not see or smell them. I decided to wait until Saturday morning to tell the new daddy to be. I wanted it to be special and I didn't want all of our friends to know before our family. It was so hard to keep it quiet all night..but I did it. I woke up that next morning and walked over to Scott at his computer and handed him the cigars. It took him a minute, but he saw my labels and looked and me with a huge grin. I said "Yep we're having a baby"!!! It was so special. This was the beginning of a wonderful time in our lives.