Monday, October 27, 2008

Falling Apart or Falling into Place?

Have you felt like lately nothing is going right? That nothing is the way it was just a short bit ago? That your world has been turned upside down?I sure have! The status of our economy is making me sick. Just a short while ago I was chugging along with no worries..then bam..out of no where I am hit by another train (I'll call it The Great Depression #2 train).
I'm watching friends loose, homes, cars, their relationships...finally their minds!!! It is hard to watch those who do not have the Lord to lean on in these tough times just fall to pieces. Even those who do know the Lord find it hard to stay strong. Yet, God promises us he will never give us more than we can handle. There is always a lesson to learn. So, what is the lesson we as Americans have to learn? In the beginning I thought that it was to teach us that we need to stop spending. We are so consumed by being consumers. "Things" ruled our lives. I have seen those taken away from those close to me and many around our nation. We started to buy things we knew we couldn't afford...we thought that it would make us happy...and know what? did! But, those very "things" we went out and got, have now put us in the predicament that we are in now. I know personally God needed to remind me to be better with my finances and I failed many times trying to learn my lesson..but God was gracious and always provided for my needs. Just when I thought He didn't care and there was no way to come out of my financial funk..bam..there was an unexpected check that I never knew was coming..but He did!

I also think this is a time for more people to turn to Christ. During hard times you lean on God if you have that relationship or search out God if you are needing help. On the other hand it is also a time, when those who do know God, but hearts become hardened, to fall away. I have seen this happen to people I would never have guessed. Family and friends who seemed to have had it together have lost everything. Marriages who I thought would last a life time are on the rocks! It is scary times.

I can't help to look at all the turmoil around me, far away and right next door, and think Lord, Is the end near? Sure seems like it. With the upcoming election that makes me think even more about the end. Marriage is being challenged...who would have thought how morally corrupt our world could have become in one's life time. What used to be the norm is now seen as arrogant, conservative..right-wing..close-minded thoughts. WAIT A MINUTE...NO..I want an unborn child to live! I want marriage to remain between a Man and Woman as God created...for Man and Woman to recreate life together as husband and wife. I want my President to stand up against Terrorist who threaten my country...and I am the Wacky one!!!!! The End is Near...are you ready. Are you leaning on God in these difficult times. He is ALWAYS there...He will guide you in the right path..when you feel like you are on the wrong one. He will light the way. When you are faced with issues too worries... give them to Him he is waiting to take care of them for you. Is your life going to be are still sinners and we need to learn...continually!!!! But, the Lord has a plan and if you put your trust in Him and follow his direction you will have a peace the passes all understanding. Sounds good to me! So remember things may seem to be falling apart...but they are just falling into place. God knows what going on...he has a plan and if you are in His too will have peace amidst the storm.