Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Resolutions!

I am an all in or nothing kind of gal. Mainly because I have no self control. So, if I choose to do something, I have to go all in or I have a hard time completing my goal. For example, when I decided to quit drinking Dr.Pepper I couldn't just say I would stop for a short time and then just drink a bit here and there. I had to stop drinking it....forever! I know for some that might seem crazy, but that is the only way for me. For now.

I also speak in definites. For example: I will never ever do that or I hate that. It is not a "I will try to not do that, or I will think about it, or I don't really care for that". Not really sure why I am wired this way but I like to speak the truth. "Maybes" are hard for me. That means there is a chance for a different outcome and I like to know right away what is going to happen. This may make no sense to some but those of you who are crazy  similar to me will get it.

So, when writing my 2014 resolutions, I like to make resolutions of things I will completely give up. It is hard for my brain to keep to something that will allow my lack of self-control to mess up. The ever so popular losing weight always makes my list. My losing weight resolution usually consists of completely eliminating something like sugar or bread. However, that usually has a very short run. Eliminating Dr.Pepper is the only thing I have conquered(so far it has been 1.5 years). Which is huge for me. It was my happy juice. I realized this "all in" mentality is not necessary a good thing. I became so depressed when I kept failing at not meeting my goals. Some lasted months and others only hours(like the sugar one). This year my resolutions are pretty lofty goals, but not too many require me to completely give up something.

I love the New Year. It means a fresh start. For me right after Christmas I start on the mission of getting my house organized during my usual Christmas vacation. This year I tackled Shane's room first and it took two days. TWO DAYS! After completing that mission I added another resolution to my list : stop buying so much stuff(particularly kid's over all those little toys that seem to find their way to the bottom of the toy box). But in all seriousness, I really want to focus on only bringing things into my home that I really need. I again found myself thinking about never buying anything that isn't necessary, but that would just be no fun! I definitely want to get a hold on the amount of stuff that comes into our home.

Another resolution was to get off Facebook. GASP!!! I know crazy, right. How will I go on not knowing everything someone did in a day or wonder what exactly someone's vague post meant!!! I love Facebook. I love reading everyone's posts. Seeing their pictures. Keeping up with old friends or those who have moved. I love all the pages I follow. But...there are a few things that have caused me to really dislike people. That made me sad. When people over share or you see a little more into someones life that you never really saw before, it can cause some dislike(hate) towards those people. So, it is not a "I am better than everyone and I am so righteous" decision, but a decision based on some bad thoughts on my part of some people. Also, people say things on social media or through email that they would not say to your face. Once that email is sent or that comment is posted you can't delete it(well you can but usually that other person already saw it). Sooooo, yeah, taking a break from FB. It is the best for my sanity and family.

I will however be trying to step up my blogging game. There are so many features that I do not know how to use. I would love to post more. I also want to learn how to write better. I have written about that so many times. It was on my 2013 resolution list. I am not the best at sentence structure and punctuation. It drives me crazy. I need to work on it. As I have mentioned before I love writing and it is my therapy. I can't write every day like some bloggers. I have to be inspired. I am excited to write more in 2014!

I always like to throw in a few Wild Card Resolutions:). They usually consist of learning something new. So this year I threw in: Sharpening my Culinary Skills and Learning a little French. Learning French will actually help with my Culinary Skills. There are so many great French Chefs and I love learning from them. I think they do the whole Culinary thing right! So, I don't expect to fluently learn French although that would be amazing...but I would love to be able to read some French and pick up some French cookbooks. Now, this has me wanting to go to France! Travel is always on my to do list and just never happens. We do have a few trips planned already for 2014, so maybe a trip to France will have to wait until 2015:) Au revoir!

What are your 2014 resolutions/goals? I would love to know!