Tuesday, September 3, 2013

House Love

****This post is dedicated to my dear friend Elise who has patiently awaited for me to do a post on our new house:)*****

We moved in about 2 months ago into our new(to us) house. It was actually built in 1959 and has such unique character. The Hubs and I are all about character. We lived in a brand new home and we loved it as far as knowing no one else had lived in it...everything was shiny and new and everything was updated and worked! However, if you went down just a few houses on our same street, you would find our same house, In fact, it belonged to our friends. It was beautiful but The Hubs and I longed for a house with character.

Our area is know for the tree lined streets. Which is why it is called The Wood Streets. We live a little outside that area but still get to enjoy all the character. Our home is a Mid-Century Modern home. If you do not know what that is you can read this blog post. It is actually all electric..which is so weird and cool at the same time. I will never have a gas bill...but I will have a larger electric bill:(.

Where do I begin??? How about the front? When I first saw it I was like...uhhhhh where is the grass and when can we start re-painting. But.....I love not having grass and grass loves not being at my house. I killed my backyard at my last house. Like literally every blade.. dead. We did not have automatic sprinklers and ain't nobody got time for that! The plants I do have out front of our new house are desert plants and require very little water! It is wonderful. As far as the house colors. I actually really like them now. We are debating painting it a darker grey and some other accents..but these colors really do add a lot of Mid-Century Modern flair.

Isn't it groovy?!? Totally Mad Men style:)

This is the view from the street. I love this view. The wood beam carries through the living room and kitchen and then into the garage. The windows are amazing too!
If you follow me on Pinterest you know my obsession for front doors:) Hard to tell but the handles are square!
I will post again soon with pictures of the inside.

Come by and see us!