Monday, January 16, 2012

Slow Down Old Man

     I have had the urge to run lately. I have had the urge to jog lately. I have had the urge to walk lately. Ok, there we go...that is more like it. There is no denying that I am out of shape! I ache from head to toe. Now I do realize that I am getting up there in age. In just six months I will be the big 30!!! All kidding aside I should not get winded from walking up a small set of stairs. It shouldn't take a few minutes to figure out how on earth am I going to get up off the floor. does and that stinks. 
     With my 30 birthday looming about I can't help but think about how I have wasted my 20's being fat. I look at all the cute clothes that I could and should be wearing but am so far from ever looking good in them. A fat person has noooooo business wearing skinny jeans. It just isn't right. I hate talking about my weight. I try to ignore it and tell myself that I am fine. That I am much happier being lazy and drinking my Dr.Pepper, than I would ever be skinny, WRONG. It is not just about the clothes..but honestly that is a big part of it. It is also just about feeling healthy and being able to sleep comfortably and do thing without getting winded after a minute. So.....back to this urge I have had to walk. I live steps away from one of the prettiest streets in Riverside for walking. It has a walking trail and historic plaques along the way(which I found are good to pretend like you are reading...but really are just trying to catch your breath after you decide to pick up the pace and jog and quickly realize that you are not ready for that). So, today being Monday and it being a New Year and all, I decided no more excuses I am going for a walk. I can't tell you how beautiful it was this morning. It just rained yesterday so it was so fresh smelling outside. It was really cold which is what I like when I walk because I get super hot after about 30 seconds into any activity. I had my mace in hand and my phone. I realized that it was a holiday so there may be a few more people out...but I only passed a few friendly walkers/runners/bikers. I was feeling pretty good....until....I hear a brisk walker coming up behind me. From the sound of the quick steps of this walker I figured the walker to be a young female. I did a quick look behind to make sure it wasn't someone that was going to try to take me down or anything but I was too late the brisk walker was already passing me. I get a look at this person and was an old man:(. An old man in jeans and a wind breaker just passed up this 29 year old girl!!! I have to say he did have professional walking headphones on and black leather gloves that made him look like a pro. His lack of running pants threw me off though. I am pretty sure he has been at this for a long time but, I could totally beat him at a race if I wanted to.I saw a grin on his face as he passed by me and I think I gave him a bit of confidence and so I backed down. I let him win this time..but old man if we ever meet like 2 weeks I totally will crush you...better get those running pants on sir! 
     Anyways...back to reality...I feel great mentally... my shins are burning like fire though. I really need new running shoes. My plan is to run/jog/walk Monday through Friday.  Then I will see what else I can do in addition to that. It is all about baby steps for me. Looking forward to this journey of the new healthier me.