Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catching Up

I LOVE New Years Day! I am a planner and organizer(not to be confused with a cleaner). It excites me to no end to come up with my New Year budget and plan the year's events. Now that I coupon I really have to step up my game. With that being said...I am still way behind. Christmas comes the same time every year....and every year I can't believe how fast it got here and how fast it went. Tonight Shane and I finally caught up on our Christmas Shows. My house is still a wreck from the Christmas tornado. All decorations were already put away a few days after Christmas, but there are still empty toy boxes and Christmas Tree needles spread throughout my home. 
Our Real Tree:)
About this time I want to get rid of everything. While I was on vacation(for 11 days:)) The Hubs and I decided to clean out the garage. That took up 3 of my 11 days and we still have one full day worth of work left!!! What a chore. I realized we just have so much STUFF. I happily put together a couple boxes of things to donate and filled up many trash cans full of well..trash. The time off was so needed. We received many blessings at the end of 2011. First one..we received a free Christmas Tree this year from some friends from church. We were not going to be able to get one this year since we were not going to get paid until a few days before Christmas and we realized it just wasn't going to work. God heard my cries(more like whining) and blessed us with the prettiest Christmas tree we have ever had! I went to Target that day and got a pathetic looking FAKE tree...gasp!!!! It was shorter than I but it was way skinnier...so it had that going for it. I seriously wanted to cry..but I told myself that a least I have something to hang Shane's ornaments on as well as all my childhood ornaments. I thought alot of nasty thoughts and was mad at everyone...then God quickly reminded me that He is good and that I need to stop with the woe is me attitude and remember that He is the Reason for the Season..not my beautiful real tree. Funny how Jesus gave me a gift on His own birthday...that Jesus is something else I tell ya!
Shane admiring our little fake tree:)                                                                 

On to blessing #2. Free Disneyland tickets!!!! As we all know you could either buy a new car or go to Disneyland. Ugghhh..it is so expensive. Our friends offered free tickets for Scott and I(Shane is still free). We were all set to go the Monday after Christmas. How exciting. All our closest friends were going...then we got the phone call Christmas Eve. Scott's dad was awaiting an ambulance as he could not breathe! Our worst nightmare. We were sort of prepared as he always seems to want to spend his holidays in the hospital! He had not been feeling well for weeks. Lonnnnnnnggggg story short God is AWESOME(there He goes again being so good) and Gary is now home from the hospital. His kidney's were to blame. While he was in the hospital he had various surgeries/test/procedures done. He has a long road ahead of him so I ask if you would continue to pray for him and my mother in law Jan as she now has to become a nurse. It will be hard on us all but we are so thankful we have the opportunity to have him here still(blessing #3)..it was a scary time but God never failed us.
Ok...back to blessing #2..after Gary was improving so much each day...we asked if we could still use the tickets for Disneyland and went late last Thursday. It was so crowded the first hour or two..but it was so fun to see Shane's face light up at all the wonder that is Disneyland. Of course. he loved the Buzz ride where he got to shoot Zurg. His first souvineer was a replica of the gun he shot on the ride:)

I was so glad we were able to spend some quality time with Shane. To top off his awesome Christmas and Disneyland night...he was also invited to go to Toy Story 3 on Ice for free(blessing#4) with his buddy Jacob! They got to watch it from box seats and have a bunch of snacks and a super fun day! 
The Boys..I mean Buzz 1 and 2 waiting to go see Toy Story 3 on Ice!

What a way to end 2011 and begin 2012. May God bless you and send you a Happy New Year!!!!