Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So...I decided that I needed to lose some weight. Well more like a ton of weight. It is something that I continue to struggle with.. The idea of having another child is frightening. I would for sure not be in tip top shape. I still have not made an effort to lose the "baby weight" and Shane is now 2..almost 2.5 years old. Needless to say I have not been very good at accomplishing anything for a few years.
I like to take things s-l-o-w. I tried to quit drinking Dr.Pepper for like the 50th time. I lasted 2 weeks. I would have gone longer..but people's lives were in danger and I felt it was best to get back on the stuff. I sound like a drug addict..but I am addicted and I was mean, grumpy and no fun to be around during my detox. So...I failed. Dr. Pepper is now back in my life. The Dr. is not allowed in my house..but is invited to join me at lunch and dinner and long car rides..or short ones..or times I drive just to pick up the Dr and nothing else...ugghhhh...why do you have to be so good Dr. Bad..Bad...Dr.
Ok, back to the issue at hand...my fatness. I say that I will not do certain things until I am skinny. It is such a horrible thing to be over weight and not do things you love. I decided to do a juice diet... more so..a detox. My Brother in law did it and totally killed it. So, I watched the ever so life changing documentary. You know the ones that make you feel so passionate at the end you feel you can conquer the world..or that everything you do is wrong..or everyone around you is crazy. I was impressed because this guy went on a juice only diet for two months. He did say that was extreme..but the idea of juicing for just a week was, in general, a great idea. I need to detox and I need to get some good nutrients in my body. I am pretty sure if I were to get my blood drawn it would consist of mostly Dr. Pepper.
I was really motivated and after talking with my sister found out she had a juicer..perfect! I went to Sprouts spent 40.00 on produce and was ready to conquer my Monday! I made my first juice for breakfast...and that was my last juice..not for the day...FOREVER! EWWWW...gross..no way..are you serious??? Blahhhhhh! Needless to say..it was nasty and I failed! "Oh Lord, what am I going to do with myself"..I cried out.  I realized that I am doing things that are too extreme. I am not an extreme person. God has taught me that I need to think things through...I have to mull over decisions for quite sometime. The best way for me to lose the weight is to eat less..eat healthy and exercise. That is the key..if you can juice than that is great..but if not it's ok. Just be healthy..find the time to exercise..even if it is only 15 minutes a day. So, if I get preggo that's fine I had PLENTY of time to lose the weight and I will just have to be extra careful when the time comes. Plus...I would just lose the weight and then get fat again..I guess I will just get fatter and then have even more weight to lose. It happens...failure is ok as long as I keep trying and eventually I will be SKINNY:).
You might be wondering what I did with all that extra produce I had....I made this(below..see there is spinach in there and plan on making an Apple Pie with the apples...Winning!!!! :) Update: Just made a carrot cake with all those carrots I bought:) I need help..hahahaha.