Thursday, May 19, 2011

Couponin' Ain't Easy!

I have not been on top of my coupon game lately. There hasn't been that great of deals on items I actually use so I kind of took a break. Then this week tons of deals popped up and I was in it to win it. I am such a dork! Saving money is fun and addicting. I got quite a few things for free and that makes me happy! Cheap is awesome but free is better! I stuck to my rules of not spending too much time hunting down coupons or buying items I would not use so I think I did pretty good. Here is a pic and a break down of the first round I did today during my lunch break at Vons:
Angel Soft Toilet Paper was on sale with an in-ad coupon for 4.99 which is a great price..normally 8.99. I also printed a coupon for .50cents off and my store doubles(totally didn't know) so I got an additional 1.00 off...grand total for 12 Mega Rolls= 3.99

Viva Paper Towels 6 Rolls- 8.99 on sale with same in ad coupon as Angel Soft for 4.99..also had a .50 off MFR coupon which doubled...grand total 3.99

Coca-Cola is B2G2..which means buy 2 get 2 free...I always stock up on this also get 2 free crackers...either Wheat Thins or Triscuits. I got one of each. So I would have normally paid 5.99 per 12 pk plus .60 CRV(4) plus 3.99 each for the crackers totaling 34.34 and I got it for 14.38 soo around 2.40 for each item!

Colgate was on sale for .99cents. Normally 3.49. I also had a .75 MFR coupon and my store doubles up to a dollar so I got another .25 off...which means it was totally FREE!!!!

InStyle Magazine which I usually buy each month is 3.99 and I had a MFR coupon for 2.00!

Last but not least...I have been holding on to two coupons for 2.00 off any two Nivea Lip Care Products. They were on sale for .99 a few weeks ago (normally 2.99) but someone nabbed them all!!!! I went in today and just checked to see if they were on sale again and they WERE!!!! Everything was fully stocked today it was awesome!...So I picked up 4 for .99 cents ea...minus the 4.00 in coupons...making them FREE!!!!

I had an awesome time saving money today...I also picked up a few more deals like bacon for 1.47. I am off to Target once I am done working for some more great deals.