Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She's Crafty

Since I started blogging, most of my design inspiration comes from fellow bloggers. I think I have watched every design show on HGTV so I am glad that everyday I can see what everyone is up to and learn some new craft, design and cooking skills. There are so many talented people. I am so thankful they take the time to share their gifts.

These past few weeks I have to say have been so stressful at work. We have had to work four hours a day of mandatory OT. That is nice for the bank account, but not for the already tired mama. Something gets neglected when you are putting that much time at work. Unfortunately it was my family, friends, house and ME! I decided to start working on a few little crafts. I know...why add more things to do. I had an awesome three day holiday weekend for the Fourth of July and so I decided to do absolutely nothing (except clean my bedroom).

The first project I actually completed a few weeks ago. I happened to go to my weekly Michaels run (The Hubs calls it an addiction...whatever). Outside in front of Michaels I spied a frame that was the perfect size for my Menu/To Do board I wanted to make. It was on clearance for only 4.99! Then inside I found rub-on transfer for the days of the week, Those were I believe .99 cents and finally found scrapbook paper that matched my kitchen for .19 cents. It was meant to be. I spent less than 5.00 on this project.

This was so easy to make. I just lined the inside of the frame with the scrapbook could also use fabric...which might be better since you get a line where the two piece of paper meet. The I rubbed on the days of the week and viola..a Menu/To Do board. This is more of a To do board since my Menu usually is not decided until 6:00 everyday:).

My second crafty project was for Shane's Nursery. With the popularity of Monograms and putting your child's name somewhere in the room...I have found it hard to decide what to do. I started with the traditional wood letters over his crib. I used western scrapbook paper and hung them with ribbon across a dowel. Then I decided in our new place I would use the S and put it on a memo board covered with a bandanna...cute but still not feelin' it. Finally I saw a blog that took the child's initials and cut them out of different fabrics and framed them all. Here is what my finished product looks like:

I think I might paint the frame red or blue. I also am working on another similar project that I am going to put up in a few more days. Pics to follow soon!