Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Garden

We recently moved into our new home in March. The owner walked us around the back yard and gave me a quick tutorial of all her plants and trees. I tried to remember everything, because I love flowers and trees but I don't know much about taking care of them. Most of our grass is dying because who has time to hand water their lawns these days? (Yes, we have no working automatic sprinklers...ugghh). I tried to not kill anything....but there have been a few casualties. There might be hope in resuscitating them though..I'll have to read up on that. The other day I was looking through my husband's office window. We have a shed and then next to that a rose bush and Peach Tree. Peaches are my favorite fruit..however...I always forget to water this side area because well it is on the side of the house I never see daily. When I was looking at the Peach tree through the office window I guessed it...PEACHES. Amazing..I thought surely there would be no fruit this year because of my neglect. I picked a handful but there are still another dozen or so. I am so excited I can't wait to make some cobbler and peach iced tea..mmmm. Then I thought I better check my Orange Tree and sure enough it is loaded with fruit. I picked a dozen and there are still a couple dozen more. I also have a Lemon tree that produces beautiful lemons for my weekly homemade lemonade. There is also a Plum tree but I am pretty sure those don't give fruit until Fall or some time later. Finally, I have a beast of a tomato plant...I forgot to take pictures but it is about 4 ft tall and about 6 ft wide! It is a combo of regular red tomatoes and then a million of those yellow pear tomatoes.

I really hope I can hone my green thumb and keep these beauties alive. I feel like a lil' ol' country girl out picking her harvest...but this city girl is a little afraid of bugs and she will have to wait for The Hubs to help pick the rest of the fruit waiting for her.