Sunday, December 13, 2009


I just finished watching Julie&Julia for the first time tonight. What a great movie! If you have a passion for food or anything for that matter this movie will speak to you. It was especially a great movie since I understand both points of view. Julie struggled with never finishing anything and so she decided to cook her way through Julia Child's "Master the Art of French Cooking". Oh all of this in 365 days...that is 524 recipes!!!! Julia Child really knew nothing about food and definitely had to work hard to keep up at Le Cordon Bleu. It was great to watch them both persevere and complete their goals. Although I have to admit Julia Child always annoyed me..she is a classic. French cooking is complicated and a bit too fussy for me, but I do appreciate it. Most of what is taught stems from the French way. I decided to post some recipes of mine. Being Christmas time I thought it was appropriate to share some Christmas goodies with you. Just like Julie in the movie stated..I am not sure if anyone actually reads any of my blogs..I feel like I am writing to a black void sometimes. It does get a lot off my mind and I will be able to sleep better if I share this. So as Julia would say Bon Appetit!

***Please excuse my photography skills...or lack of*****
Ginger Cookies

2 1/4 c Flour
2 tsp Ground Ginger
1 tsp Baking Soda
3/4 tsp ground Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Gound Cloves
1/4 tsp Salt
3/4 c Margarine, softened
1 c Sugar
1 Egg
1 TBS Water
1/4 c Molasses
2 TBS Sugar

Preheat 350

Sift flour, ginger, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves and salt. Set aside.

In a large bowl. cream margarine and 1 cup sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg. Then stir in the water and molasses. Add in the dry ingredients gradually. I like to refrigerate my dough for about 30 mins. If you don'r have time it is not necessary. Then shape into balls, about the size of walnuts, and roll them in the remaining sugar. Place on cookie sheet and flatten down slightly with the bottom of a glass.

Bake for 8-10 minutes. Cool on cookie sheet for 5 minutes and they are ready to eat!

More to come later..I am off to bed!