Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This one is too bland..this one is too sweet..this one is just right

I feel like Goldilocks in my attempt to find the perfect vanilla cupcake and butter cream frosting recipe. So far I have found a few bland vanilla cupcakes and a few too sweet butter cream frosting recipes. I have tried vanilla cupcakes with every flour imaginable. When baking a cake, most cooks aim to create a light, fluffy cake with a tender crumb. Cake flour usually is the flour to use since it is low in protein...but for some reason it produced a dense cake??? So I tried AP and then self-rising flour. Next round I need to try a mixture of both. I found the flavor to be bland as well. I am thinking of adding a package of vanilla instant pudding. That should give it some extra flavor and moisture.

I also have made many different butter creams that are all too sweet! I am actually not a huge sweet person to begin with..surprising I know..I wanted to be a pastry chef and love baking but am more of a savory person. Good thing though or I might be twice the size I am. So, back to the butter cream. I tried just butter, then butter and shortening and finally shortening and margarine. I have to say out of all of these options I liked just the butter the best, but still the amount of powdered sugar used was too much. I felt like giving up on baking all together. After all what good is a baker who can't make a decent vanilla cupcake and butter cream frosting. But I decided that I can't let my perfectionism get in the way and that eventually after I try and try I will find a great recipe in the end. So, until then I am still on the search for that flavorful and moist vanilla cupcake and not so sweet butter cream frosting!