Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Adventures in Baking

After completing Culinary School I found myself burnt out on baking and cooking in general. I lost my interest in it, mainly because of the hours and also the lack of training I received in the pastry field while at school. The focus at school was more on cooking than baking. It was a wonderful experience. I loved it, but I really wished I had learned more about cake decorating. I can make a nepolian, but have no idea how to decorate a cake.

I recently have been very amused and intriged with cupcakes. These little cake were once just a kids birthday staple, but are now served at weddings in place of a wedding cake...who would have ever thought. Below are some beautiful cupcakes that another blogger made. Absolutely stunning.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you what recipes have worked and failed. So far I can not get anything right. My butterbream frosting is too sweet and my vanilla cupcakes are too bland. As a culinary school graduate I hate to admit that I really love me some Betty Crocker. She is amazing! I love the taste, texture...everything! So, my next step is too try try and try again on the basics and then eventually practice my decorating skills. Hopefully one day I will produce cupcakes as beautiful as the ones above. Sweet trails to you!