Friday, July 11, 2014

Natural Product Favorites

My favorites this week may not appear too amazing, but they are all products that I have tried out and love. They have passed the test. All of the products are natural products (minus the candle). They can all be found at Vitacost! If you love natural products for your home this is the place to order them from. As I have mentioned before I am slowly switching all my cleaners over to more natural products. I have also started my son on a daily vitamin and probiotic routine. We are all trying to take our health more serious. Shane, my son, has not been sick in such a long time(knock on wood). I attribute it to this healthier lifestyle. We still have such a long way to go, but I am enjoying the little changes we have made so far. Click on this link: Vitacost and you can get 10.00 off your first order. I do get 10.00 as well but I would recommend this site even if I received nothing.You can buy many of these items at Sprouts, but at a much higher price. You do have to pay for shipping (which comes super quick). I just wait until I need to place a big order and get free shipping when I spend over 49.00 or if I spend 25.00 on Vitacost brand products. They have a ton of great food items too. I really should just make this into a post all about the products I order from them....but I had to share that Bath and Body Works Candle!!!! It is so amazing! Hope you all are having a great week. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts. I love doing this and I hope you enjoy reading. I have some exciting news concerning my blog so stay tuned!

NutriBiotic Skin Cleanser- I am an Olay girl. I have been for years. I was on the search for something more natural though. Everything I tried made me have a horrible reaction, so I kept returning to my beloved Olay skin cleanser. I stumbled upon this natural cleanser for sensitive skin and it is awesome! It is a large bottle and is a great price(40% off right now). It is paraben free and also there is no soap in it. It is awesome!**Update-I wrote this post two weeks ago and decided to hold off on posting This cleanser ended up not working for my skin:(. I am back to my beloved Olay!
Sunset Beach Candle-Ok so this product is not like the others, but Bath and Body Works was having their huge sale and so I picked up a few of the 3 wick candles for 9.00. I never pay full price but thankfully they are on sale quite often. Anyways, this scent is so yummy! It is made of pineapple, papaya and sugarcane scents! It is perfect for summer as it is super tropical. 
Ecover Dish Soap- I know dish soap is boring, but I have a thing for scents and this one smells really good. It is grapefruit and green tea scented. Which doesn't seem like it would smell good but it does! The green teas is known for deodorizing. It uses plant based ingredients so it is safe for your hands. 
Children's Probiotic-If your child is not taking a probiotic I high recommend this one. It promotes a healthy gut. I also take a probiotic each day. They are great way to bring in healthy bacteria into your gut.
Children's Vitamins-I was so happy to find this multi-vitamin for Shane. Have you noticed most children's vitamins have sugar in them? Yeah, my child does not need any more sugar, especially in a vitamin! This one is sugar free(sweetened with XYLITOL), gluten free and vegan. 
Ecos Laundry Detergent-Finding a good natural laundry detergent has proven to be difficult. Many of them do not smell so well either. I really like this one. It cleans my clothes really well. It is 100% natural which is awesome. If you have any natural detergents you like let me know. I have tried making my own and it didn't clean too well. 

Happy Friday! Stay tuned...on Monday I have some exciting news about my blog:)