Saturday, April 23, 2011

Adventures in Couponing

Have you seen the new show on TLC called "Extreme Couponing"? If you haven't I highly suggest you check it out. Before the show I was a casual couponer. But since I started watching the show a few weeks ago I have stepped up my game. It is so addicting. It is amazing how much you can save your family if you are willing and able to put in the extra hours. Right now I am new to the game so it is taking me awhile to learn all the secrets. I learned quickly that people get the deals probably on the first day they are released so you have to be quick. You also have to learn all the crazy coupon jargon. It is easy to mis-read something and then there goes your deal. I learned a lot from The Krazy Coupon Lady who was featured on the show. Her website is amazing and has a lot of great tips to get you started.

I decided to set some rules for myself...because I was so excited about getting things for free or super cheap that I was spending way too much time searching for deals. I decided to only clip coupons and search for deals when Shane is sleeping. Limit it to 30 mins a day and to not buy something unless our family actually needs it or will use it in the future. Many of theses Extreme Couponers have stock piles that look like a grocery store within there own home!!!! They buy diapers when they don't have kids and pet treats when they don't have animals. Many of them do give them to family members and that is good..but I still think that they buy way too much of certain items just because they are free. It becomes a bit of a hoarding issue at that point. Anyways, I want to use this opportunity to save my family money if I can. Prices are so high these is slow and we have done everything we can to pay the least amount on if I can get stuff for cheap or free...with a few hours work..hey why not.

Here is what I picked up this week:

Head and Shoulders(don't have dandruff...just want to clear that up..they make normal shampoo too:)).
Retail-4.74 each
MFR Q-BOGO So only paid 4.74 for both plus....
Store Q -1.00
Total:3.74 for both or 1.87 ea.

Huggies 112ct. Not shown
MFR Q-1.50
Store Q- 3.00
Total: 25.49 this may not seem like that great of a deal but it is hard to get good deals on name brand diapers and that is what I notmally buy so to get an additional 4.50 off I am pretty happy...Monday there is a really good deal on the Jumbo packs at Target so I am going back for more:)

Rimmel Mascara-
MFR Q-2.00
Store Q- 1.00
Total: 2.69

Easter Shoes for Shane:)
Kohl's Cash-10.00
15% Q-3.21
Total- 3.78.... Score!!!!

HP Paper 
Retail- 5.99
Easy Rebate-5.99
Total: FREE!!!!! Came just in time..using a lot of paper printing out coupons:)